What Do I Get At Closing?


What do I get at closing?

For most real estate loans, you will receive a HUD-1 (if it is a cash transaction) also known as a settlement statement …

or, if you are borrowing money, a Closing Disclosure will be provided to you at least 3 business days before loan consummation –  Consumation of closing includes signing and funding the purchase, which frequently happens at the closing meeting.

At the meeting itself you should also receive:

1.)  a copy of your Mortgage Note – your obligation to repay-

2.)  your Mortgage or Deed of Trust

3.) copies of other documents signed by you, and by the other party, as is appropriate

4.)  and you will get the keys to your new home.

What Do I Get At Closing?

What Do I Get At Closing?

You asked, “What do I get at closing?” … but the real question is “what will you not get at closing if you use another title company which does not have the reputation for integrity and professionalism that we do?”

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Understanding Your Loan Estimate: Other Costs


Understanding Your Loan Estimate: Other Costs

Your Closing disclosure will contain an area showing you other costs of your mortgage. These may include: taxes, certain pre-payments, and escrow funding.

Recording fees are charged by government agencies for keeping legal ownership records, while “transfer taxes” may be imposed by states, counties and municipalities on real estate ownership transfers.

Prepayments may include homeowner’s insurance premiums on the property mortgage insurance, if required property taxes for a period of months in advance, and prepaid interest, typically for the period from closing to the first mortgage payment.

Escrow funding may also be required against future annual charges for homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance and property taxes.


Understanding Your Loan Estimate: Other Costs

Another important fee you’ll see on this section of the Closing Disclosure is for title insurance. This is an optional purchase, but most buyers purchase title insurance to protect their legal ownership under an “Owner’s Title Policy

For more information on title insurance, be sure to call us, and review our Resources page.

Some of these “Other Costs” may vary substantially between Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure ask your lender about the tolerance rules or watch the video “Could My Loan Cost Exceed The Loan Estimate?”

Most title agents won’t take the time to help you understand your Closing Disclosure. But we will!

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Understanding Your Loan: Cash And Transaction Summaries



Understanding Your Loan: Cash And Transaction Summaries

Page 3 of your Closing Disclosure will compare cash requirements from your Loan Estimate to your actual final charges.

If “Did this change?” is marked “YES” there will be explanation of the changes made regarding the cash to close.

The bottom line final “Cash to Close” is the money you will need in-hand within three business days of the closing.


Understanding Your Loan: Cash Transaction Summaries

If your transaction has a Seller the summary table will show a line by line comparison of Borrower to Seller transaction details.

If there is no Seller you may see a Payoffs and Payments table instead.

Review the summary tables to understand the transaction and your financial commitments at loan consummation.

Don’t let the amount of cash you need to close be a surprise, or a source of anxiety.

We’re experienced at helping our buyers estimate the cast to close requirement within a few hundred dollars, or less.

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Understanding Your Loan: Closing Disclosure Page 1


UNDERSTANDING YOUR LOAN: Closing Disclosure Page 1

Closing Disclosures: Understanding Page 1

The first page of your Closing Disclosure documents:

  • The Loan Amount – the total you will actually borrow
  • The Interest Rate – which does NOT include the fees factored into the APR on Page 5

If this loan has a penalty for pre-payment or includes a balloon payment Page 1 will summarize the terms.



Projected Payments will show the chief cost components – Principal & Interest, Mortgage Insurance and estimates of your Escrow Payments over the life of the loan. You may see different columns for different periods if changes in terms such as mortgage insurance change payment totals.

Closing Costs summarizes your loan closing expenses, and Cash To Close adds the additional amounts due to give you the cash balance you will need in 3 business days.

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At First Title & Abstract, Inc. we believe in “Putting You FIRST!”