What About A Home Located In A Flood Plain?

What About A Home Located In A Flood Plain?

What About A Home Located In A Flood Plain?


What About A Home Located In A Flood Plain?
A flood plain is an area of land adjacent to a stream or river that experiences flooding during periods of high discharge. Watch this video and it’ll make sense.

If you live in a flood plain lenders will require that you have flood insurance before lending any money to you. But if you live near a flood plain, you may choose whether or not to get flood insurance coverage for your home.

Check the National Flood Insurance Program site  at FloodSmart.gov  for more information. And work with an insurance agent to construct a policy that fits your needs.

Keep in mind, the so-called 100 year flood, usually comes every ten years, so it’s good to speak with your property appraiser to understand the limitations for building on your property. Walls and fences in flood plains may be okay, but habitable dwellings and storage facilities or garages may not be permitted, or well-advised.

Is you home in an area of minimum flood hazard or risk?

Does your property require flood insurance?

Are you aware that many homeowner’s insurance policies do NOT cover flooding from natural or internal sources. Be sure you are covered!

Water damage is often the leading cause of casualty damage and can pose serious health issues in the form of mold growth, and flood water dangers.

At First Title & Abstract, Inc. we are watching out for you. When we conduct your closing, we will review any flood plain information with you. What other title company in Naples or Marco Island will take the time to ensure you are protected, and understand what you’re buying?


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